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'''Milhaven''' are a 4-piece post-rock band from Bochum, Germany, on the label [ 12rec.]. Their sound has been compared to that of various list of post-rock bands|post-rock bands, most notably Godspeed You! Black Emperor, whom the band has quoted as an influence.[ Official MySpace], '''', contains band-posted info., retrieved 19 June 2008. According to the band's biography, their title roots from the name of a German town with significance to their parents. The band has toured with notable acts such as Caspian (band)|Caspian and Boris (band)|Boris.[ Milhaven Concerts Page], '''', contains past and future shows, retrieved 19 June 2008.
OriginBochum, Germany
Years active2004-present
Label12rec. Records, Valeot Records
Current membersJens Reichelt (Drums)
Johannes Zagermann (Bass)
Christoph Freudenberg (Guitar)
Andreas Fanter (Guitar)
Past members}}
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